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The Purple Root offers a collection of bath and body, baby, pet care, and teas and supplements product lines that are abundant in all of the rich and nourishing ingredients our bodies love, without fillers, chemicals, or preservatives. Gain peace of mind every time you use wellness products from The Purple Root, and never worry about what ingredients are lurking — our products are as close to nature as you can get! Discover your favorite product from The Purple Root today!

What Makes A Better Product? Better Ingredients!

Our products feature: Organic Ingredients Essential Oils Quality Butters & Oils Therapeutic Herbs Forget ingredients you don’t recognize let alone can’t pronounce, and discover effective and nourishing products powered by plants!

To Your Wellness

In a time where synthetic fragrances and lab-made ingredients are the norm, The Purple Root supports your health and wellness with products that saunter close to nature — you’ll never find fillers, chemicals, or preservatives. Get the best ingredients in minimally processed and small-batch products when you shop with The Purple Root.

Black Jamaican Castor Oil

Derived from the castor bean, black Jamaican castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid, omega-9 fatty acid, and abundant in antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. As a natural humectant — preserves moisture — castor is widely used in health and beauty products to promote hydration. Find Jamaican black castor oil in our beard oil products.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a nourishing moisturizer with high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins, making it one of the leading ingredients for its skin-softening properties. Shea butter may have anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for all skin types, and supports healthy aging! Find shea butter in a variety of our bath and body products.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is a deeply nourishing and replenishing oil that delivers amazing moisture, yet it’s lightweight and non-greasy! This oil is high in tocopherols, squalene, and saponins that soften and support a glowing complexion. Argan oil is a very versatile product that can be used topically on the skin and hair. It’s protective against UV rays and other environmental disruptors. Find argan oil in a variety of our bath and body products.


Aloe is a seriously soothing plant that is added to a variety of products at The Purple Root. This clear gel is well-known for its hydrating properties, its ability to stimulate collagen production, and as a natural antidote to a variety of skin irritations. Great for all skin types, aloe is versatile and a powerhouse in many of our body care products.


Turmeric belongs in body care as much as it does in the kitchen! Turmeric soothes skin by naturally combating inflammation, and may even have skin-lightening properties that combat age spots and uneven skin tones. Transform dull skin and brighten your skin with turmeric! Try our Turmeric Coconut Milk Ginger Foaming Face Scrub to exfoliate and nourish your skin.


Rejuvenate your skin with the power of ginger. Ginger is a warming root that gets blood and lymph moving, which is optimal for detoxification and decongestion in the skin. Ginger is also known to have brightening properties to help fade scars, and is the perfect ingredient to protect against free radicals that cause premature aging. Find ginger in a variety of our body care products.

Add The Purple Root To your Wellness Routine Today!

From body care to pet care, rest assured that all of your family is covered with high-quality products and beneficial ingredients from The Purple Root. Never worry about having to comb the labels again, and know that our ingredient lists are small and filled with effective ingredients that you recognize. Because the bar is set high, you’ll never see fillers, chemicals, or preservatives — ever! Get effective results straight from the source — you can’t go wrong with the power of plants! From our body care bestsellers including beard oil and our Hyaluronic Chamomile Aloe Face Serum to dog soap and calming spray for your pets, safe and effective remedies are found here. Shop The Purple Root today and embrace all-natural ingredients that smell divine and support your wellness!